• postnecropolis

    Carrick on Shannon, Ireland 2013
    The project was realized during LOCIS residency in Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland. The main topic was merging a natural circle of matter and funeral traditions. My aim was to mix two seemingly separated concepts of eternal life. Central source of my inspiration were peat bogs, typical for Ireland. Peat is an Irish natural treasure, strongly impacting the culture of this country. Peat bogs are wonderful areas with special flora and fauna. They can be also viewed as a perfect illustration of a circle of matter. I took a few photos of plants typical for Irish peat bogs. After coming back to Poland I transformed these pictures into typical Polish funeral photographies which were engraved on porcelain and placed on graves. Finally, for the exhibition LOCAL in Dock Arts Centre, I made an ephemeral instalation consisting of small graves made from peat briquettes with porcelain photographies on top.