• delectatio morosa

    Miłość Gallery, Toruń 2013
    This project was a performance in a from of a 10-day living exhibition. It took place in a small private gallery Miłość in Toruń. The major point was examining the relation of human and non-human living beings. Moreover, it was linked with the topic of irrational fears and sensual perception’s limits, which are rooted in culture. Miłość gallery is situated in a former flat and consists of three rooms. These rooms symbolize three areas of exploration and meaning. The key figures of this performance were insects. I intentionally chose the species associated with filth and danger: Madagascar cockroaches and Zophobas morio maggots. My constant presence in the gallery was an important aspect of this project. I lived in one of the rooms taking care of the insects, at the same time constantly interacting with the audience. It resulted in a long-time relation between the audience, insects and me. The first room was an area of overcoming the grocery taboo and a place where a dinner at the opening took place (it was a part of the performance). Nonetheless, it was the second room that resembled a dining room. It was a clear and elegant chamber with a big table in the centre. The table symbolized a meeting place. The last room was mine, it served as a research studio.